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July Landscaping Tips

Happy Fourth of July!


Rich Caldwell

President of Maintenance

ECOSystems Landscape Services, Inc.

We hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July. Get out and celebrate with your friends and neighbors, enjoy the fireworks, but be safe, and remember what celebrating our independence is all about. FREEDOM for All!

We have had an unusually wet Spring, but the temperatures will be rising and so you need to prepare for a hot Texas summer.


If you have an irrigation system, make sure it is as efficient as possible to prevent water waste. Be certain to set the controller for correct time and day settings based on your water utility restrictions. Make sure to check every head and nozzle and adjust them for proper coverage. Remember long watering cycles waste a lot of water.

It is highly recommended to utilize multiple start times with shorter run times. Doing this can greatly improve the appearance of the landscape during a drought. For example: if you run your irrigation systems for 4 cycles per day, (basically sprays for 7 minutes and rotors for 20 minutes) this wastes less water by using shorter cycles more often and you get less run off and more saturation. This works much better than running all the zones for hours at a time.

Also, as soon as you notice excessive runoff or pooling of the water, then you have reached the maximum run time for that area. In other words, if you reach pooling in 4 minutes, then shorten your run time to that (4 min) time and then add the additional time using another start time.


Adjust the mowing height of your lawn mower based on your turf type. Mow your St. Augustine as high as you can about 4”– 6”. Cutting St. Augustine too low can stress you turf and make it susceptible to drought, insects, and disease. Bermuda and Zoysia can be successfully maintained at a lower height. But keep in mind that if the height is taken too low too soon, the turf could brown out and going into the summer it may be difficult to reestablish it.

Remember to mulch the clippings as this is best for your turf by putting much needed nutrients back into the earth. Increasing your mowing height will reduce water need and develop deeper roots. Keep your blades sharp on your mower and try to never cut off more than 1/3 of the blade at a time.


If your trees need water, make sure to water the drip line of the trees as this is where the roots take in the water best. Running a slow drip hose works wonders as it too will allow for better water depth. If you have not gotten all the dead wood out of your trees yet, now is the time.


Make sure to keep your plants mulched to help make better use of the water. You can still replant as needed the plants that died from the freeze. Just be sure to water them and keep them watered until they are established. Because of water restrictions, you may have to utilize a bucket or a hose if you do not have drip irrigation

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